Beauty and the Beast Session

Beauty and the Beast session anyone?

I'm dying to get some little girls who love the movie to be photographed in a composited image with the Beauty and the Beast theme!!! 

I've already started to compile backgrounds and glass dome and a rose and all I need now is some little girls who would love to dress up like Belle. 

If you would love to have your daughter photographed in this way, please contact me! All you need is a yellow dress (costume would be great) then you can do up her hair similar to Belle's if it's long enough but any little girl with any hair style is welcome of course. There is a costume shop in Woodriver, IL. Robert Schmidt Costumes. I've used them a couple times myself. They have tons of costumes so we could always do a different session other than Beauty and the Beast. But knowing how popular this new movie is, I'm sure tons of little girls will love to do this. We could also do a different outfit close to what Belle wears besides the yellow gown. 

If this all sounds great to you, then contact me and let's set a play date!

These type of sessions are a bit different than normal portrait sessions in that it takes several more hours in photoshop to complete the composited image. These images are only sold big and mounted. Some are 20 x 20, 16 x 20 or 16 x 24 and come mounted on styrene. There is no digital image for the composite image but I do share the social media sized image so you can share it that way. I always take more shots though meaning there will be some normal portraits to choose from as well. My regular price list can be found on my information page

All my prints are done at a professional lab which the average consumer doesn't have access to. You can check my fine art composite pricing on my fine art page.

Example of my 20 x 20 mounted image.

Example of my 20 x 20 mounted image.