ANNOUNCEMENT Open for weddings! | Gina Maria Photography

Huge Announcement!!! After much thought, I have decided to add Weddings to my services I offer. I've only shot family weddings in the past but that was the beginning of me getting a taste for it all. 

I've had so many people contact me over the years asking if I would shoot their wedding but always declined as I didn't think that was the route I wanted to go with my photography career. After speaking to my husband and one of my daughters, they told me I should very much do this.

So if you or know someone engaged who will be needing a photographer, you can now have them contact me here through my website. There is a contact form which you can place the date of event and location. 

I am already booked for September 9th 2017!! So that date is taken.

Main information is located here

If you have any questions, just contact me and I'll be happy to assist you.