5 reasons I follow Jennifer Allwood



Do you have a creative business?

If so, you should totally be following Jennifer Allwood. I've been stalking her for several months now and can't wait to get into her Inner Circle course. I was hoping to get into her Creative Roadmap course but missed the deadline. 

Here are the reasons I follow Jennifer.

  1. She totally knows what she is talking about. She started out just like anyone and learned what works and what doesn't work in ones business. Just go listen to some of her several podcasts
  2. She does Facebook lives like daily. Sometimes it's about business and sometimes it's about her life, home, and faith. She is inspirational and makes a great business coach.
  3. All the podcasts. I work from home and can listen all day to podcasts while I work or clean the house. Tons of information there for a creative business. Even if your business isn't a "creative" one, there is still lots of great information she shares. Go listen to some and see for yourself. 
  4. She has a great personality. I can listen to her for hours whether it be business related or not.
  5. She has great feedback stories from those who have already taken her course and I trust that.

Make sure and click on the links above to go to her various spots on the interwebs and check her out for yourself. Do it for your business. 

I am in no way affiliated with Jennifer. Just sharing my thoughts on someone that could help other creative business' out there. I'm learning from her just by all the podcasts, Facebook live and her blog posts.  I'm slowly implementing what I'm learning into my business'. For those that do not know, I have a 2nd creative business called Handmade by Meemo. I make handmade items but I will also be teaching the beginner on how to crochet this year. If you would like further information on that, please visit my other website and follow my facebook page.