Backing up your images | Granite City, IL Photographer

So today I'm busy backing up my clients image files as well as some of my personal files whether they are images or document business files.  I can't stress enough to those of you who take photos with your phone or even those who are hobbyist photographers that you must back up your images!!! How many of you have heard of a friend or family member who lost their phone or it got destroyed? How about those that even had cds/dvds with important photos on them only to have never printed a thing from those and now their disks are scratched/corrupted or lost somewhere? This type of thing happens to us all and you better be taking precautions if you don't want to loose precious memories you will never get back. Your computers are a mechanical machine which will quit working at some point. If you don't back your important stuff will be screwed. So I suggest saving your files/images in more than one place. Disks will soon be a thing of the past and many computers these days don't necessarily come with a disk drive so get you some flash drives as well as some cloud storage. Your flash drive can be an external drive that you plug into your computer through a USB and you get them with a Terabyte of room. If you don't need that much space, you can also get the USB thumb drives. These usually come in 4GB up to 64GB. Being small though you take the chance of loosing them so store them where you will remember! There is also cloud storage from several companies out there. Many come with a free account and range a bit from 2GB on up but with the option to pay for more if needed. Most range about $10 a month or if you pay for a whole year at a time, it is usually a bit cheaper. Here are a few options for you with links. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Shoebox, and there are others out there as well. 

I have several disks from the past that I was used to backing up my files on but as time goes on, I will be transferring those files onto flash drives and external hard drives so they will be safer than they are now.

Now on another note, please print your images! Nothing is more fulfilling years down the road when your children are grown, to have a tangible item in your hands. This is what makes me different than all the S & B (shoot and burn) photographers out there. I want to put prints & products into my clients hands. Something they can pass down as digital images are NOT the safest route. They are meant to be kept as a secondary means. Those photographers out there only giving the digital images with no other options for you should be banned from society. HA! HA! JK No really it means so much to me to have a printed image. 

Consumers have been taught a horrible thing. Those that have had some photographer take photos and simply hand you a CD/DVD...they have trained them to think that's what they need. That's what consumers have grown to know and it's really sad when you think about it. You have been so dis-serviced this way. It's like saying..."here, you deal with it." So not right. Just because there is a thing called a digital camera does not mean that's all there is to it. Come on photographers out better than THAT!

I love the fact that I'm a full service photographer. There is something really special about handing over a beautiful product image to my client and I think they feel that too. I also help you design something for the walls in your home if you want me to. Each image you purchase from me gets put on social media for you to share to your hearts content and most of the time it makes it up on my blog as well. :)

The holidays are upon us and you know you'll be taking family photos so please take caution and back them up and also print them!!!!

Love, Gina