Wedding day shot list



____Wedding dress on hanger

____Zipping up wedding dress

____Mother of Bride fastening the Brides necklace

____Stills of rings, garter, veil, shoes, jewelry, invitation, etc.

____A close up of the Brides shoes peeking out from under the dress

____Bride looking into a mirror or out a window

____Bride full length

____Bride and bridesmaids with makeup or hair getting done

____Bride pinning corsage/boutonniere on mother/father

____Bride hugging parents

____Bride touching up

____Brides bouquet

____Groom tying tie

____Groom looking into mirror or out window

____Groom hanging out with buddies

____Groom Hugging parents

____Groom with Best man and groomsmen



____Site inside and out

____Guests walking in

____Brides mother and father entering site

____Parents being seated

____Grandparents being seated

____Bridesmaids walking down aisle

____Maid of Honor walking down aisle

____Flower Girl/Ring bearer

____Groom waiting for Bride


____Alter or canopy during ceremony


____Bride and father walking down the aisle

____Groom seeing Bride for the first time

____Bride and her father hugging

____Shot of the audience from Bride and Groom’s point of view

____The unity ceremony

____Close up of B & G saying the vows

____Wide shot of B & G saying the vows

____Exchanging rings

____Close up of hands

____The kiss

____B & G walking up the aisle

____Receiving line

____B & G outside on steps

____Guests throwing birdseed, etc.

____B & G hugging guests, laughing, getting congratulations

____B & G with everyone from the ceremony

___B & G with parents, grandparents,

____B & G with whole wedding party

____B & G with flower girl/ring bearer

____Bride with Maid of honor

____Bride with all bridesmaid

____Groom with Best man

____Groom with Groomsmen

____Bride with Groomsmen

____Groom with Bridesmaids

____B & G getting in car

____B & G in back seat


On to location shoot of bridal party.


____Outside the reception site

____B & G arriving

____Table centerpieces

____Table settings

____B & G head table

____Close up detail shots of table items

____Wedding cake

____Gift table


____The food

____First dance

____Father/daughter dance

____Mother/son dance

____Wedding party dancing

____Guests dancing

____B & G cutting cake


____B & G with champagne glasses

____Signing the marriage license (might happen at the ceremony)

____Bride throwing bouquet

____Groom retrieving garter

____Groom throwing garter

____Lots of candid’s of everyone